Poetry – For the Inner Child

I’m tired of being stuck as me,
I wish there were someone else to be.
My nose grows faster than my face,
As if it’s trying to win a race.
My skin’s too pale or freckle faced,
I wish my flaws could be erased.
Hair too curly, frizzy or flat,
The only cure I’ve found is a hat.
Each morning I wage a losing fight,
And end up hiding it out of sight.
My arms too long, my legs too short,
Too much here, too little there,
Too big, too small, not right at all.
I wish my shape were all the rage
I won’t look right at any age.
I cannot change the way I’m made,
I’ll turn my lemons to lemonade.
I’ll pick my clothes to fit my flair,
Wear ribbons, sparkles or gel my hair.
I’ll polish my nails or wear rainbow shoes,
Great inside and out because I’ll choose,
To be one of a kind, unique, just me.
That way I’ll be happy, just you wait and see!
A New Shoe
I have a new shoe!
It’s shiny and clean.
I have a new shoe!
It’s yellow and green.
I have a new shoe!
It’s perfectly fit.
I have a new shoe!
Look! I’m wearing it!
I have a new shoe
But I wish I had two.
Dinos at Dark
When the sun goes down west and the sky turns to grey,
Shadows ooze out after hiding all day.
From my porch I watch places where beasties may lurk,
And my favorites are Raptors that roar in the murk.
Pterodactyls screech loudly as they soar in the dark,
A T-Rex stomps swings down the block in the park.
A Seismosaurus head rises high above town,
Next door in the orchard Brachiosaurus chow down.
Allosauri chase monsters and give them a fright!
For that I am grateful and sleep soundly at night.
My Good Deed
I’ve done my good deed for the day:
I saved a worm in dismay.
He had gone where he shouldn’t go,
And was feeling rather dismal and low.
He was dry and thirsty and wanted to rest,
So I slipped him back home to his nest.
Now that I’ve done my good deed for the day,
Why don’t you save a worm in dismay?
A Penny Saved
 I saw a penny in the sand
And picked it up with my hand.
I tossed it down a deep dark well
And watched as it slowly fell.
I thought of all my wishes made
Of all the pennies I had paid.
I wondered if I found a dime,
Would my luck with wishes change some time?
The Chicken Coop
The Sun peers through the holes
In the grey dirt walls.
Making rays of fire
Dance on the dusty floor.
The panting chickens squint
In the bright morning light
Flapping their golden wings
In the hot air.
Look! A Book!
Look! A book!
A new story for me!
Look! A book!
I’ll read it and see!
Look! A book!
Exciting and fun!
Look! A book!
I’ll read ’till I’m done.
Our friend the tree has gifted us,
With wood and fruit most generous,
We climb its limbs and rest in shade,
And rake in fall the mess it’s made.
The Wishing Pool
The wishing pool,
Its waters cool,
Waits for you,
And your money, too.