Poetry – For the Contemplative Feelers


The Most Difficult Puzzle
 I’m holding my pieces together
Mindfully guarding each part
Feeling through the darkness
 Struggling to make the edges fit
There’s no guide no picture
No way of knowing where to go
Lightlessness has limited me
with nimble fingertips
I keep searching
For shapes to fill the voids.
 The blue-green lady
Wearing lichen and ivy
With ballroom eleganceo9
Waits among the roses
For the fullness of time to pass.
The Real Woman
 He strokes her like a lover;
Her head in his lap.
He plays with her hair,
Her blue eyes watch him.
He touches her ear,
She smiles just a bit.
He touches her chin,
And she purrs.
Offerings on the Pyre
 Fire flows through my veins
Purifying my flesh
Blossoming to flames.
Flames consume the words
Whispered invocations
Scattering prayers on the wind
Wind feeds the burn
Empowering life
Renewing with grace.
 Feelings I have kept inside
Have caused an emotional landslide.
Spent too much time within my head;
I think I’ll stay inside my bed.
My outside armor is wearing thin,
I may be out of medicine.
I have to stop before I start
Or else I’m going to fall apart.
I need vacations from my brain,
My head is pounding from the strain.
I’m over thinking every thought –
An inside battle being fought.
It’s getting messy reason stinks,
I’ve tired myself with troubled thinks.
Singing Through the Atmosphere
 img_4868She waits
Years of memories gathered behind her.
At all things said and done.
She waits
Fate’s shears nearing her thread.
Waiting to hear love’s lost voice again.
She waits
Remembering quick feet, bright hair.
Pictures on the mantle preserve her.
She waits
Quiet long settled in the house.
Children, grandchildren grown and gone.
She waits
Cold oven, clean counters, empty table.
Memories of holiday meals, family dinners.
She flies
Away from old bones and tired limbs.
To her Heaven home, seeing eternity.


A toast!untitled
To me and all I could be
If I could set myself free
From this
Churning relationship within
I need to let go
Move away
From wrestling angels
But pain wants to stay
So I’ll pray
Break up with myself
Put guilt upon the shelf
Walk away.


I Can Fix Thatimg_4861
Broken windows with necklaces of dangling chrome 
Airless tires nesting in long grass
Tattoos of algae obscuring parched yellow  paint
Mice nesting in rotted vinyl springs sprung into air
Vines of ivy weave through rusted holes
Silent engine dripping parts into the weeds
Warped trunk lid’s crooked smile
Headlamps shedding tears of broken glass
Carpet crisp with moss sprouting spring flowers.


It marks me as yoursimg_4970
This wound.
The puckered flesh a testament.
I mark me as mine
This art.
Ink converting pain to beauty.





The Old House
I heard they were going to tear it down.img_4858
I wonder what it feels like
To fall to the ground.
All the memories,
All the years,
End up in a crash of dusty tears.
In the halls the laughter echoes,
Distant, fading,
No one hears.
Memories everywhere,
But no one to see.
Calling out,
Calling out,
Calling to me,
Don’t bring the hammer,
Don’t bring it down!

Light Switch OCD and Love
I’ve worn out three light switches
Turning them offon offon offon offon offon
My husband doesn’t understand
But he tries
To avoid being frustrated.
So I try too
To offon offon a little less

Snow White In Eden
Take the applePerfection in red.Taste the sweetnessYou’ve made your bed.

Sin and deathcover your life,Because of mistakesWe live in strife.

Our prince comes

Will He kissOr will He dieTo pay for theseApples and lies?

It Ain’t Just the Blues
Weariness wraps my bones.A battle of willStruggling against an inner morassOf woeAn unseen foe
Hissing at me from the cornersOf my mind. Oozing through my cellsAn insidious cancer of fatigue.The doubtsShoutThoughts a tipped basket,Contents tumbled out. Queen
Of mediocracy – Complacent in my yearning. The effort just too great.




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